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AVNOC® Support Gateway

The AVNOC® Support Gateway provides remote audiovisual system management for improving customer support. Used in conjunction with AVNOC® monitoring solutions the Support Gateway can be utilized to perform program updates and diagnostics from a remote help desk.

The AVNOC® Support Gateway offers a remote desktop for programmers and system managers to deliver multi-tiered support to customers. The AVNOC® interface gives the end customer control making it easier for in-house IT to restrict access to unauthorized users.

Using the Support Gateway enables system managers to retrieve detailed graphing for router traffic and determine potential points of failure through SNMP. The ability to capture various graphs brings remote system management to the next level by allowing real-time network data to be recovered.




  • Port 443 or 8080 Internal Access
  • Port 443 WWW. Remote Access
  • HTML5 Remote Desktop Gateway
  • MRTG - Multi-Router Traffic Graphing 
  • Access Notifications and Email Alerts
  • Simple Navigation for Remote Support
  • Access Remote System Files and AV Applications
  • Remote Monitoring Integration

Dynamic Help Desk Support

NEW Support Gateway is another example of our continued progress in technology growth and stringent security practices. Gaining remote access to a corporate network environment is reserved for trusted knowledgeable professionals. The team at AVNOC® and the products we produce are a testament to the best practices in network security.