AVNOC® Lifesize Monitoring

AVNOC® monitors Lifesize® hardware and provides system status updates to the AVNOC® software platform. Through SNMP ® systems are monitored for availability and performance. Log files are collected for detailed problem diagnosis.

Through secure connections AVNOC® emits alerts when there are hardware issues. Network problems and other details are monitored ensuring the local connection is robust and ready for service.

AVNOC® - Lifesize® Interface Supports :

  • Lifesize® Hardware Monitoring
  • Camera Connection Status
  • Recent Call History
  • Log File Recovery
  • Automated Event Ticketing
  • SNMP Supported Details



AVNOC® Easy Setup 

AVNOC® is simple yto use and gives Integrators the ability to respond proactively to events. Creating a service management solution through remote monitoring is easy with AVNOC®. Including Lifesize® products is quick, AVNOC® provides the tools that are intuitive for users and developers to succeed.