AVNOC® Cisco TelePresence Monitoring

AVNOC® monitors Cisco TelePresence hardware and provides system status updates to the AVNOC® software platform. Through SNMP TelePresence systems are monitored for thresholds and performance. Log files are sent to AVNOC® for detailed problem diagnosis that include the most recent status.

Through secure connections AVNOC® emits alerts when there are hardware issues, overheating or related fan speed fluctuations. Network problems and other details are monitored ensuring the local connection is robust and ready for service.

AVNOC® - Cisco Interface Supports :

  • Cisco Hardware Monitoring
  • Camera Connection Status
  • Recent Call History
  • Log File Recovery
  • Automated Event Ticketing
  • SNMP Supported Details


 AVNOC® Easy Setup 

Integration of Cisco TelePresence systems to AVNOC® is simple and gives Integrators the ability to respond proactively to events. Creating a service management solution through remote monitoring is easy with AVNOC®. Including Cisco TelePresence products is quick, AVNOC® provides the tools that are intuitive for users and developers to succeed.