AVNOC® Projectors and Displays


AVNOC® monitors projectors with direct network connections and through control systems with RS232. Using SNMP AVNOC® reports information to our software providing critical details and logs from compliant projectors. AVNOC® sends notifications scheduled by device hours making managing filters and projector lamps easy. Receive preventative maintenance notices for scheduling on-site service.

AVNOC® - Projector Interface Supports:

  • Direct Projector Monitoring
  • Monitor Through Control
  • SNMP Data Reporting
  • System Logs Files
  • PM Hours Automation



Many of today’s commercial display technology provide SNMP details for monitoring. AVNOC® software interface makes it easy to manage large numbers of displays across vast landscapes like hotels, corporate buildings and attractions. Schedule up/down time and receive notifications only when systems are scheduled to be online.

AVNOC® - Display Interface Supports:

  • Direct Display Monitoring
  • Control System Reporting
  • SNMP Data Reporting
  • Automated Event Ticketing
  • On/Off Monitoring Schedule  



AVNOC® Quick Setup 

Auto-population of outboard devices to AVNOC® gives a seamless transfer of system nomenclature. Retrieving customer demographics, room definitions and details assigned to assets are included in the data. AVNOC® prioritizes events automatically through presets and queues notices by level of importance.