AVNOC® Crestron Monitoring

Connecting AVNOC® to Crestron systems is one of the quickest ways for an Integrator to remote monitor those installs. The AVNOC® approach captures details about the health of a system and attached outboard devices through the Crestron 2 & 3 Series Processors. The data is delivered securely into the AVNOC® software for swift event management.

Through SIMPL Windows system programmers can add AVNOC® to a new or existing Crestron design. By accessing the SNMP modules programmers can connect outboard devices to AVNOC® for secure remote monitoring. The results are log files and notices directly from processors in the field being delivered to your help desk for support diagnostics.

AVNOC® - Crestron Interface Supports:

  • Direct Crestron Monitoring
  • SNMP Data Translation
  • Crestron Logs Files
  • Automated Event Ticketing
  • API Integration for Fusion



AVNOC® Quick Setup 

Auto-population of outboard devices to AVNOC® gives a seamless transfer of system nomenclature. Retrieving customer demographics, room definitions and details assigned to assets are included in the data. AVNOC® prioritizes events automatically through presets and queues notices by level of importance.

AVNOC® - Crestron Fusion Integration

Through API AVNOC® integrates into Fusion providing resourceful tools to respond to events from outside of the customer's network No matter the application AVNOC® is bringing customers better solutions.