AVNOC® Monitoring

AVNOC® remote monitoring products are complete end-to-end solutions for enhanced audiovisual support services. We begin with the AVNOC® remote network agent for reporting real-time status updates of connected devices in a network to the core management software. The AVNOC® core software is delivered as a Virtual Machine that can be hosted by customers and dealers alike. In either application SNMP traps, failure alerts, service metrics and analytic data are all available through the AVNOC® software platform.


  • Secure Remote Network Agents
  • Monitoring and SNMP Trapping
  • Automated Support Ticketing
  • Customer Service Time Tracking
  • Dashboard Alert Monitoring
  • Mobile Field Service Software Console
  • Complete Support Services Bundle
  • Scalable for Unlimited Customers and Users


AVNOC® Launcher

AVNOC® Launcher presents an overview at a glance to monitored audiovisual systems status in an operations center environment. The dashboard can be displayed on large video formats and features quick ticket management with service time tracking built-in. The AVNOC® Launcher displays customers and prioritization depending on systems status alerting staff visually of changes. Everything support personnel needs to know about a failure is displayed with customer demographics and thorough details of a failed AV device or network issue. Alerts can be handled and service tickets are quickly assigned to the mobile service console and directly to field service personnel.

AVNOC® Service  Console

The AVNOC® Service Console makes handling customer tickets by remote field service staff more efficient. The service console has complete ticket and time management features, customer system metrics, service analytic data and support requests for opening tickets manually to report system issues or changes. Created for mobile devices the service console comes with AVNOC® MaaS and VM core software as a standard offering. Ticket updates and status changes are mirrored across the dashboard and service console simultaneously for consistent up-to-date information flow. 

Combining the power of the AVNOC® software package improves service capabilities from end-to-end and provides remote audiovisual monitoring with simplicity and security. AVNOC® hardware and software is designed for audiovisual integrators service offerings and have complete customer monitoring, and support solutions for increasing recurring revenue streams. The possibilities of new services become a reality with the simple to use AVNOC® products.