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Integrator Solutions

For the Integrator

AVNOC® creates a better solution for AV services and managing customers technology. All event activities are automated and everything can be integrated with our remote monitoring solutions for added efficiency in problem resolution. Through API for Room Control Systems we eliminate the unmanageable stream of emails and create a format for managing customers by consolidating data into the AVNOC® Software.

AVNOC® remote monitoring can instantly create a proactive service platform that is desired for today's modern telepresence and integrated audiovisual systems. Using remote monitoring improves the performance of the network and the equipment that is connected through a constant flow of data for better system management.

AVNOC® has the ideal support management solutions for today's commercial integration service providers.

  • API for Room Control Systems
  • Crestron SNMP Module Integration
  • Device SNMP Remote Monitoring
  • Automated Status and Ticketing
  • Field Service Scheduling Calendar
  • Flexible Deployment Configurations
  • Private Cloud - Hosted / On-Site
  • Easy Customer Set-up and Installation
  • Automated Asset Population
  • Secure Remote Network Agents
  • 3rd Party Software API Integration

In-House VM

In-House Virtual Machine is available and can be built using virtualization platforms on customers local hardware. AVNOC® installs the software and provides full training for use and implementation. The In-House VM is the enterprise solution that delivers maximum potential for larger development needs.

Remote Network Agent

AVNOC® deploys a remote monitoring agent in to the customers networks that monitors IP, receives SNMP data from connected devices and reports on network health. Using our simple network agent gives system integrators the agility to move into different scenarios without requiring any servers to be installed to monitor a customers AV. AVNOC Agents can be deployed as a hardware solution or a Virtual Machine on a customers provided hardware.