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AVNOC® Solutions

Based on a prospective businesses needs, we implement a complete audiovisual network monitoring solution that gives notification of failures on the network. Our service includes monitoring software installation and configuration of the remote agent, definition of assets and notifications as per business policies and requirements.

AVNOC® delivers reminders for PM service checks, creates reports, graphs and system analytics for each customers needs.

  • Easy Installation to Networks
  • Detailed Monitoring Interface
  • Monitor Endpoints and Networks
  • Monitor Displays, Control and Interfaces
  • Track Usage and Assets Availability
  • Self Managed or Service Providers
  • Service Console Messaging  Features
  • Mobile Supported Help Desk Software

Why Monitoring

With today's visual presence demands it's critical that all systems are available when meetings are scheduled. AVNOC® remote monitoring actively reports video call metrics while assuring the networks are available and the AV hardware needed to manage daily business operations are online every time. If something is not working a notification will alert a help desk staff for swift resolve.

Real-Time Alerting

Remote Audiovisual Monitoring can provide real-time alerts for failures as they arise providing coverage of the entire audiovisual infrastructure. This is very useful in many time-critical businesses where even a few minutes of downtime can affect business operations. Monitoring gives a proactive response window to issues alerting to the source of a failure for a more direct approach to the problem.

Software Integration

For enterprise customers AVNOC® is customizable to include interface with other system tools such as ticketing systems and third party software with available API. Our remote monitoring can be deployed with many existing help desk software platforms and we provide professional software integration services to suit the needs of your business.