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Unlimited Users and IP Devices

AVNOC® creates a combined software solution for audiovisual services and managing customers systems.  All ticket activities are automated in our intuitive software and everything can be integrated with our remote monitoring solutions Customers with new or existing installations are easily tracked through a single portal attached to multiple software interfaces. This gives management teams and support service departments the tools to stay on-top of a customers needs and resources for future enhancements.

AVNOC® software is specifically designed for today's technology providers to use as a core service management solution. The ability to quickly add remote monitoring and create new technology services is just a simple AVNOC® monitoring agent away. Our products are leading the industry with systems that have secure remote monitoring without VPN. We deliver real-time data for a help desk or service center through our platform.



Multi-User Features

  • Service Operations Software
  • One-Page Enterprise Overview
  • Executive Information System
  • Service Management Dashboard
  • Mobile Field Service Application
  • Automated Support Ticketing
  • Remote Monitoring Integration
  • Custom Report Generating

How It's Used

Being a true deliverer of AV service solutions our core platform goes beyond the essentials of routine field service software. Using an enterprise approach we bring a host of elements that make providing customer support a long-term recurring revenue opportunity.

Use cases can vary from servicing a simple audiovisual installation to remote management of enterprise AV networks. The flexibility of our systems gives a broader range of applications including HIPAA security environments when using our monitoring features..

Purposes for AVNOC® include creating the proactive service capabilities system integrator's can use for enhanced customer support through annual service agreements. AVNOC® helps integrator's to easily develop a more efficient support center and provide better value-add services for customers just by applying our solutions.