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Network Monitoring

Network Status

Network availability and performance are two critical parameters that determine the successful utilization of any network – be it a LAN, WAN or an isolated Audiovisual Network. Disruptions in the network can affect business productivity adversely bringing regular operations to a standstill. Network monitoring from AVNOC® provides pro-active information about network performance bottlenecks and source of network disruption. Network monitoring improves business operations and productivity each day.

  • Router Monitoring
  • LAN / WAN Monitoring
  • SNMP Trapping / MIBS
  • Packet Loss Reporting
  • Hardware Availability
  • System Health Status

Network Availability

Network monitoring is capable of monitoring the availability status of all the links in the network as well the devices themselves that are part of the network. Network monitoring provides information on entire network availability.

Switch Monitoring

AVNOC® monitors industry standard switches and can provide information around port availability, port status and packet transfer information through SNMP. All types of switches can be monitored using SNMP protocol. In addition, performance related metrics such as processor (CPU) usage, memory (RAM) usage for the switch can be monitored and updated to the AVNOC® Dashboard and Service Console.

LAN and WAN Monitoring

AVNOC® monitors entire LAN or WAN infrastructure for enterprise customers. LAN and WAN monitoring provides information about network connection problems, LAN or WAN segment status, network outages, sources of network issues and reports on network performance. Complete monitoring of LAN and WAN provides faster detection and resolution of network issues and network outages.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth monitoring is a critical component of monitoring for any network. AVNOC® can monitor the bandwidth for entire networks including bandwidth monitoring for routers and switches which can be the primary pathways for video teleconference networks. Bandwidth utilization monitoring gives insights about inbound and outbound traffic within the network.

SNMP Trapping

AV/IT hardware and component manufacturers usually have SNMP data that can be processed by the AVNOC® Remote Agent. Our monitoring solutions provide SNMP support for network AV devices, routers, switches and network peripherals. SNMP trapping is the method for delivering system metrics to the AVNOC® Service Console and creating the usage and availability data for graphing and reports.

Performance Analysis

Network monitoring identifies any performance bottlenecks in the network as well as bandwidth utilization on the devices and the entire network. Such analysis is useful in network optimization and especially effective for video conference networks.

Up-Time Guaranteed

Proactive monitoring improves the resolution for any network related issues by accurately identifying the source of problems. Corrective actions can be quickly taken resulting in better overall performance and system availability.

Network Monitoring Solution

AVNOC® provides end-to-end network monitoring solutions including routers, switches, firewall devices, VPN devices, gateways, servers and storage devices. Network monitoring from AVNOC® is available as an on-premise monitoring implementation or by using our Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) offering.